rank's Lodge is losing members and is only open 4 days a week much to Marie's dismay! Frank is driving Marie crazy by being home so much. Debra was offering advice on "recruitment strategies" about how they could get more members to join and liven up the place! Since Debra used to work in PR (Public Relations), Frank and his lodge buddies offer Debra a job as co-ordinator and they offer to pay her to help get the Lodge back on it's feet. Needless to say things go awry when Frank's "disgusting lodge buddies" (as Marie would put it) were making sexy comments start about Debra's good looks behind her back to eachother and in front of Frank. The wives of the lodge fellas also had complaints because their husbands would come home all peppy and expecting them to be as hot and good looking as Debra. You can pretty much guess where this all goes. I must say it brings out one of Frank's most tender sides! I'd say it's in Frank's top 5 tender moments of all time of all episodes. Frank's sensitivity and love for Debra really shines in this episode.

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