addie Harrington shows up on Ally's doorstep and announces she is Ally's daughter. Ally had donated an egg for a study years ago, and the clinic accidentally gave them to a man named Robert Harrington. Maddie had run away from her aunt Bonnie Boone, who shows up to bring her home. Bonnie sings TV show themes at the bar. Ally and Bonnie argue, and later that evening over-hears Maddie and Victor talking about Maddie's feelings. Everyone decides that Maddie will stay with Ally on a trial basis. Richard Fish defends his first murder case. The defendant killed his wife by kicking her head because he thought it was a ball. He suffers from a degenerative tumor that causes him to see people as inanimate objects. Cage tells Fish that he is a joke as a litigator and should not give the closing. Richard gives the closing anyway, and the defendant is found not guilty.

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