ohn decides to leave the firm as a named partner and work part-time. Fish makes Ally partner. Nell is upset. Ally reviews the books and discovers that Richard has been paying the employees out of his own pocket. Richard agrees to Ally's terms of working no later than 5:00pm, no weekends, and missing some days entirely. Ally tells Richard they need to let some people go. The realities of motherhood collide with Ally's fantasy of what motherhood is about. The show starts with Ally squeezing orange juice and milking a cow. Ally then fights with Maddie because Maddie doesn't want to go to school. Maddie tests Ally in several other ways. Ally over-involves herself by attending Maddie's class. Victor steps in and helps clear things up. Maddie has a bad day at school and Ally gives her bad advice for getting even. Victor offers to watch Maddie after school while Ally is at work for the extra money. Ally comes home to a home-cooked meal made by Victor. Corretta defends Kelly Bridgeman, a junior attorney who was fired because she has AIDS. She has become symptomatic and the doctors give her two years. Owen Cobb, one of the senior partners, fired her because she's dying, and because the firm lost two lawyers on the first plane that hit the Twin Towers. It's revealed that his son died from AIDS a year before. Raymond defends the case, but loses.

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