he mayor praises Faith as a great evil after killing geology professor Lester Worth as part of preparation for his ascension. Amidst the preparations for graduation, with a speech from the mayor, who wants to eat children once he's a demon, in a melancholic mood only Buffy misses, Anya, the former demon Anyanka, tells Xander and then the gang what the previous demonic ascension was like, Lohesh's 800 years ago in an Ural village, and how much worse the pure demon it produces is then 'eartly bastard-human' demons, but the mayor's preparations are very different, including eating spiders from the box. Anya invites Xander to join her running, in vain. While ingrate Buffy has a go at Xander who escorts her at Giles' request to retrieve the professor's notes, about a Hawaian vulcanologic expedition which found an 'unknown dinosaur' -probably actually an ascended demon's corps, so the mayor probably also becomes vulnerable again after his ascension- Faith shoots Angel with a poisonous crossbow dart. The only cure is hard to get, even for Buffy: the blood of a slayer; she duels Faith to the death, but the mortally wounded slayer has a last surprise...

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