n the resistance headquarters research continues on the 'scarecrow' probe that was found in the Amish community. Scientist Sahjit and Augur have developed a method to intercept the messages the device is transmitting. Sahjit's associate Rayna assures the procedure is safe. Doors concludes that they need to understand the text to find out the purpose of the probe and to find out what information the Taelons have gathered with it. Boone ask Da'an to learn him Taelon and he soon becomes proficient in it. Meanwhile Augur finds a set of characters that looks like directional coordinates. His initial calculations seem to indicate that it transmits its information to a star system far away from the Taelons'. When Boone takes a look at the language, he notices the 'feeling' is off. But what the team doesn't know is that the scarecrow has absorbed Rayna.

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