a'an opens a new music conservatory as a gift from the Taelon synod. It is meant as a place where both Taelons and Humans can communicate as one. For the occasion, Elyse Chapel, a famous musician, performs on the Taelon 'tubes', a musical instrument that even few Taelons are able to master. She and Boone had a relationship in the past and Elyse seems interested in renewing it. She also wants his opinion on the request of the Companions to run the conservatory. Meanwhile three pounds of fissionable plutonium are stolen from a truck transport coming from the Granite Canyon Nuclear plant. Sandoval sees it as a threat to Da'an and Boone tries to do his best to concentrate on the matter. All he can think about however is Elyse. Lili gets suspicious and asks Augur for help.

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