hen Bessie takes a weekend getaway, Joey's hoping to get some studying done. But between her responsibilities at the B&B and Pacey's affections, Joey's hard pressed to find a moment alone to study for an English exam, and as if that wasn't enough, she's trying to cope with her feelings about having seen Dawson kiss Gretchen the other night at the Christmas party. Pacey's got his own issues with that 'kiss' and he's convinced Dawson and Joey need closure, once and for all. Meanwhile, Dawson's collaboration with A.I. Brooks on a documentary on his life story begins, which rejuvenates Dawson's filmmaking spirit and learns more about Mr. Brooks, whom never got over his best friend stealing away his girlfriend. Also, Jen takes Jack to a "Gay-Straight Coalition" meeting in the hopes that he'll meet some gay friends. But Jen seems to fit in with the crowd more than Jack does, who meets the militant founder Tobey.

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