sailboat owned by Capeside High's pompous Principal Dave Peskin, with "Class of 2001" written on the sail, and with his pet dog aboard, is found in the school swimming pool as part of a major school prank. As a result, Mitch Leery and Principal Peskin are after the guys who did it in which Dawson, Pacey, Jack and Drue are main suspects. Since, the dog that was on the boat instantly recognized Jack, Pacey had access to the yacht club and Dawson had access to the school keys. Each one has alibis for that day; Jack was at the soccer field with Jen to help plan a game. Dawson was cleaning Mr. Brooks parlor where he discovers that the that the old man was a former filmmaker from the 1950's. Pacey was with Doug on a routine police patrol where they squabbled about Doug's well being. Drue, despite his denials, is revealed as the culprit. But at the end, Joey finds out that Dawson, Pacey and Jack all teamed up to pull it off and to get Drue into trouble.

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