n Dawson's first day in his new film school, Oliver Chirkchick (the somewhat obnoxious filmmaker Dawson met at the New Hampshire film festival) starts showing him around and wastes no time in asking Dawson to direct a movie that he wrote. Reluctant to direct someone else's work, Dawson starts giving notes to Oliver on the script. Jen, on the other hand, is having some problems when her current state of happiness is reflecting on her radio on-air performance. Meanwhile, Elliot finally has the courage to ask Joey out, but Joey makes second plans for a gathering with Professor Wilder. She makes a false excuse not to go out with Elliot, and her evening takes an unexpected turn when she and Professor Wilder kiss. Elsewhere, the increasingly arrogant and hot-tempered Jack is reprehended by his brothers for being on academic probation. Irritated, he goes out and has a few too many drinks at Civilization which result in a fight with his fraternity brothers.

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