awson begins directing Oliver's movie with Oliver playing the lead where Dawson has to deal with Audrey (who took the leading female part) as well as her complaints about Oliver's kissing skills. When Dawson discovers that Oliver has no talent in acting, he must recast the male lead role within the day and Jen comes up with the most unlikely candidate: Charlie. During the filming, Audrey has a crisis and locks herself in the bathroom because she kissed Pacey and felt like she was betraying Joey. Meanwhile, Joey feels conflicted over where to go on with her situation with Professor Wilder, but is called away from him at his out to help out with Oliver and Dawson's film to help Audrey get back on the set so they can finally finish the shooting. Also, Jack is fed up with his frat brothers after the homophobic Eric accuses Jack of making a pass at him in which Jack moves out of the frat house.

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