ummer is upon the gang and so they move on with their lives to follow their own plans. Joey, back at Capeside, returns to her job as a waitress at the Yacht Club; Pacey gets a new job there as a security guard and runs into Danny Brecher whom has left his wife; Dawson and Audrey are on their way to L.A.; and Jack and Jen to Costa Rica. But a few things change everybody's plans when their flights are delayed. Bessie tells Joey they got an answer from the scholarship Joey thought of applying in France (which Bessie secretly sent in without Joey's knowledge). Also Grams decides to go to Las Vegas with Clifton. Jack meets Eric at the airport, who was just coming back from his hometown where he tried coming out to his parents. Jen tells Jack to go help Eric, as she'll go help herself by going to meet her parents.

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