fter going to see a scary movie and feeling completely unsatisfied, Joey, Jack, and Pacey arrive at Grams' house and decide to tell some scary stories of their own. First off, Joey tells how she had a creepy encounter while studying alone at the library on Halloween night. She could have gone to a party with Audrey, who reminded her that a young female student was attacked there not too long ago. Next, Jack tells of how he was spooked while sorting through items in the frat house basement. Third, Pacey's story involves an unsettling run-in he and Karen had while driving on a quiet road one night. It seems a mysterious driver wouldn't be satisfied until he ran them off the road for good. Finally, Grams comes in and caps the night with what she promises to be the scariest story of them all. It involves Jen, the radio station, and someone (or is it something) that gives her a scare.

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