arley tries to encourage Joey to make up with Eddie after they find him now living with his parents in nearby Worcester, and even gets him to return to her with a made-up story about Joey being pregnant. Meanwhile, Audrey returns from L.A. with a more positive attitude. After apologizing to her friends, Emma takes Audrey back in the band Hell's Belles for a big concert. But Audrey cannot stay away from liquor in which she performs drunk, and passes out on stage, and Emma fires her from the band. Meanwhile, Pacey is invited by Rinaldi to an exclusive party for the best stockbrokers and gets a promotion of handling a mysterious account led by the shady pharmaceutical entrepreneur Roger Stepavich to handle the client's major pharmaceutical company. All is well until a mysterious woman tells Pacey that all that good might have some bad, which raises suspicions on Pacey about Rinaldi's true intentions towards him.

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