n Los Angeles, while directing re-shoots on "Wicked Dead", Dawson finds his authority questioned by Heather Tracy when Natasha refuses to do a nude scene. Frustrated in this work, Dawson (at Natasha's advice) resorts to an aggressive, take-no-prisoners attitude to get the crew to listen to him. Meanwhile, Joey is unable to say good-bye to Eddie who is moving to California to register at a college when she convinces him to help her take Audrey to a rehab clinic also in Los Angeles, and the three of them, plus a guy Audrey picks up, drive cross country where the four constantly quarrel with each other. Then Audrey steals their car, leaving Joey and Eddie on the road where they manage to work out their differences, and they later save Audrey from an attempted date-rape. Back in Boston, Jen and C.J. set a lonely Grams up with C.J.'s Uncle Bill, who turns out to be quite randy.

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