fter spending their first romantic night together, Dawson and Joey decide not to discuss it, because every time something happened between them they always ruined it by over discussing it. Dawson even shows Joey the set that he's working on which resembles his own house in Capeside. Meanwhile, Pacey starts on his new job as a stock broker which was set up by Audrey's father and during Pacey's first day he deals with his ambitious, but oily and pig-headed boss Rich Rinaldi. At the same time, Jack finally gets himself and Pacey the dream apartment Pacey was chasing so hard to get, with a little deviousness against Emma. During a heated argument with Grams, Jen accidentally meets a very cute guy, named C.J., a fan of Jen's defunct radio show who invites her to a counseling center that he works at. Also, Joey is hired as a waitress as the local bar, Hell's Kitchen, to get some extra cash for herself.

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