eather Tracy, Dawson's movie producer, arrives on the set and threats to shut down production on the film if the lead, Natasha, isn't replaced. The egotistical Todd doesn't do much to save her job and it's up to Dawson to keep the film from being canceled altogether. Back at Worthington University, Eddie has an argument with Professor Hetson over him criticizing Joey's presentation and he storms out of the class. Joey leaves after him, and then she discovers he's not a student after all. Meanwhile, Emma asks Audrey to be the new lead singer of her all-girl punk rock band, Hells Belles, which will perform at Hell's Kitchen. But Pacey continues working late hours and misses Audrey's debut performance. Also, Jack confronts Professor Freeman after he gives Jack's paper a C- which Jack thinks was the result of an argument the previous day.

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