udrey gets a little too drunk before a concert with 'Hells Belles' band at Hell's Kitchen, and ends up making a scene and trashing the place. C.J., who was there on a "non-date" with Jen, tries to give her a little comfort and end up taking her back to his place. Meanwhile, Jack attends Professor Freeman's book signing and tells him the moment for Jack to make his move has passed as Freeman informs him that he has quit teaching to concentrate on his writing career. Jack then goes to invest his relationship with David, who waited all night long for Jack to show up at the bar. Joey feels bad for not being there for Audrey and has an argument with Eddie. When Eddie comes over to Joey's dorm to hand her Audrey's wallet that was forgotten at the bar, they decide drop their little game and go on a date. Also, Pacey's firm partners go down to New Orleans to celebrate a business deal, and Pacey has a big disappointment when he learns that the girl he's with is a call-girl bought by Rinaldi.

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