big movie star, named Max Winter, arrives on the set to act with Natasha, and the flirting between them upsets Dawson. Pacey takes Emma to an office party where she finds out that Pacey is using her to win a contest among the office employees to see who brought the hottest date. Meanwhile, Joey has an upcoming Hetson final and Eddie offers his place for her to study. In the morning, they talk and end up having sex, which causes Joey to be late and she ends up missing the exam. Professor Hetson refuses to let Joey take a make up test and outright gives her an 'F'. Later that evening, Hetson comes to the bar and immediately starts an argument with Eddie where, in a very cruel tone, he tells Eddie how much he despises a loser like him taking up Joey's time. The hot-tempered Eddie falls right into the trap by punching Hetson in the face, and he gets instantly fired from Hell's Kitchen for it. Admired by Eddie's actions and stand against the mean Professor Heston, Joey then tries to cheer Eddie up and admire him for his noble act by taking to a local ice skating rink where they declare their love for each other.

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