CI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the death of Dr. Alan Delaney who was purposely run down by someone driving a pick-up truck. Delaney was driving Dr. James Kirkwood's brand new SUV and Barnaby believes Kirkwood may have been the intended victim. He doesn't have to look far to find anyone who would like to see Kirkwood dead. Jim Kirkwood and Delyth Mostin had only recently announced they were to be married. Both had been married previously but Kirkwood is a widower and Mostin divorced. Dorothy Hutton had asked Barnaby if it's suspicious that her son-in-law James is re-marrying a mere four years after his first wife, her daughter Sarah, died. Barnaby assures her that Sarah's death was fully investigated and James Kirkwood was nowhere near her bedside at the time of her death. Delyth Mostin's children are nearly apoplectic at the thought of their mother re-marrying and are absolutely opposed to the union. Then there's Clifford Rawnsley, a local farmer who had pursued Delyth but whom she rejected. The case isn't quite so simple however. Meanwhile Cully and Joyce try to convince Barnaby that their garden patio needs to be enlarged. It actually provides him with the vital clue needed to solve the case.

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