elso has the brilliant idea to go skinny-dipping, but all their clothes get stolen, so the basement gang goes to the Hyde home to put something on. Thus they learn his mother Edna has left, and Eric soon finds out she's not coming back, ever. Spoiled Jackie manages to catch something which gives her a rash, scary when Michael sweetly brings her a teddy-bear. Midge's Feminist Warriors -which no other husband puts up with- keep making her crazy, yet member Sharon actually proves an old-fashioned caring housewife at heart when she finds good provider Bob culinarily neglected. Red felt with the car plant about to close down money is too tight even to afford pork shops, yet Kitty and Eric implicitly expect him to 'play Santa Claus' for home-wrecked Hyde, who still proves an incorrigibly proud, selfish ingrate towards Eric.

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