hen Laurie moves from home to a flat with a room-mate, Red not only 'forgets' Eric for her room, which goes to Hyde, even asks when he (finally) leaves home. As if it wasn't bad enough she tells Kelso he won't get to cheat on Jackie with her at that flat, he was only good 'when there's nothing on TV', she manages to have Jackie witness her returning his green T-shirt from her room; Donna is no help giving the fake reassurance the fake, bossy 'girl-friend' craves, Hyde enjoys toying with helplessly non-manipulative Michael's torment. Eric's moment comes next morning, when Red drags him along to check if his favorite's place is fireproof: she's in bathrobe with hunky Mike, who opens the door in his underwear. Kitty still invites Laurie for dinner...

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