ez shooting a bunny turned police cadet Suzy off completely, she only wants to hurt people. Fez blames his poor mate and failing cupid Kelso, who tries to wait patiently and brings peace offerings, but gets them thrown back (in words, two are kept as Jackie advised as part of ruthless revenge) so now Michael gets mad at him too. Donna's late period makes her and Eric believe she's pregnant; he panics worst and blabs to Kitty, who first suggested they move, then promises not to tell but writes it down for Red and Bob, who only suggests to pass the baby for Donna's sister. After Donna gets worked up because Eric said she had to give up her career, it turns out to be a false alert. Suzy tricks Kelso and Fez to meet 'with her', then too much truth from each of them proves to be- good in an unexpected way...

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