recisely because Eric 'forbids' Donna to be Mitch's date at his brother's wedding, she accepts; it's in the Holiday hotel where Eric takes that shift so he can watch and bug his rival; Jackie and Fez come as chaperons, she gives him 'tips' to court a country-club bitch just like her. Kitty convinces Kelso not to take pregnant Broke to a roller-coaster and horse-riding but to her baby-care-class in hospital; Brooke panics when her practical skills fall short of her book-knowledge, but Michael's babysitting experience compensates. Red has got cable TV to compensate for failing conversation with Kitty, but deliberately refused a connection for the basement; Hyde taps into it himself, but has no control over the (weather) channel choice. Mitch proclaims Donna his hot fiancé, leading to a public fight with Eric neither really wants.

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