yde hints he was willing to marry Jackie to stop her leaving for Chicago. New guy Charlie is in the doghouse after turning up drunk and dressed as a schoolgirl. Fes and Kelso discover Jackie is still in Point Place. Donna tries to come up with a leaving gift for Eric, who departs for Africa in three days. Charlie accidentally sees Kitty naked, but it's Red who gets into trouble. Eric's present turns out to be Donna, dressed as Princess Leia. Hyde doesn't know how to react when Jackie repeats her ultimatum, and lets her walk off, angry. Kelso offers to give her a ride to Chicago. Charlie tries to get back on Red's good side - with typically disastrous results. Kelso tries to dump Jackie at the bus station, but she demands he take her all the way. Fes tries to tap into Eric's Star Wars fantasy with Donna.

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