wild wind is blowing into town. While Sam goes to interview the new drama teacher about the school play, she gets talked into standing in for Josh's rehearsal. While sitting on his lap playing the role of his daughter Josh has a normal teenage boy reaction that he is unable to control. Sam freaks bolting, telling Carmen about what happened during rehearsal. Nicole coach's Brooke on giving off more heat to attract Josh, making an uncomfortable situation in the Novac when Brooke goes in to remove her bra. After Nicole and Brooke bash Sam, her and Carmen leave when Nicole makes the comment about Sam not knowing what would turn a guys head. Harrison has to deal with a bad haircut and Lily has to get a job at Mr. Cluck's, a place she despises. Josh asks Sam to keep what happened between the two a secret, showing up for class late making Carmen wonder if there is something really going on with Sam and Josh. Sam begins to daydream about being with Josh during french glass. While Carmen sends Lily an email about Josh popping a pup tent she accidentally sends it everyone. Soon the school is a buzz with the news. Sam goes to find Carmen when she runs into Brooke having words with her in the Novac. Cemistry class becomes uncomfortable when Mary Cherry asks Ms. Glass if it is possible for the male species to control an erection. Sam runs from class being humiliated, as Mary Cherry's burner flares burning off her eyebrows. Brooke and Josh plan a time and date to finally have sex. Emery Dick tries to sell a butt bolo to Nicole who refuses until she accidentally "rips one" buying one to keep Emery's mouth shut. While interrogating Mary about what she did in Chem class Brooke reveals to Nicole that her and Josh are really virgins, which Mary over hears quickly spreading this juicy gossip around the school. Josh and Brooke's plan to have sex are diminished when Brooke freaks out finding out that everyone at school now knows they are virgins. Josh turns to Sam to rag on her about what has happened but ends up talking to her finding out that they went to the same elementary school. Nicole catches them talking quickly leaving when she accidentally once again "rips one." Lily tries to offer alternatives to customers while at work, when her boss forces her to apologize to the customer and take a bit of chicken. Brooke and Nicole decide to have a few drinks after Nicole tells Brooke what she saw. Brooke catches Harrison spying on them asking him to come down after Nicole goes inside to barrow on of Brooke's jackets. Sam goes to Carmen to tell her about the time she just spent with Josh at school, falling for him. While talking with Harrison Brooke feels the effect of drinking too much. Nicole decides to bolt heading home to help with her mom's bridge night. Brooke asks Harrison not to leave wanting him to stay with her. Josh asks for Sam's help in translating a poem into french for a girl, while Brooke thanks Harrison for staying with her. Both their dreams are dashed when Sam finds out that Josh was trying to translate the poem for Brooke. Sam and Harrison share their heartbreak as the wind stops.

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