he janitor's at the school are on strike leaving the place in a hurricane of garbage. Sam stumbles upon someone taking a pregnancy test at school, quickly hiding in a nearby stall noticing it is none other then Brooke. The students get to choose a guest principal for a day, also dealing with the unsanitary conditions. Sam tries to find out if everything is okay with Brooke, being told not to by the blonde. Brooke confides in her best friend Nicole about suspecting she is pregnant wondering if she should tell Josh which Nicole tells her not to until she knows for sure. While walking between classes, Nicole, Mary Cherry and Sugar D, discuss about having a celebrity as their guest principal, Gwyneth Paltrow, finding out that Sugar D knows her personal shopper. Meanwhile Sam, Carmen, and Lily try to talk Harrison into asking his mother to get them in contact with George Stephanopoulos, after being shot down they decide to go to her on their own. Josh confronts Brooke about not talking to her and trying to be friends where she accidentally let it slips that she might be pregnant. Josh goes to the pharmacy to get pregnancy tests when Sam, Lily and Carmen walk in to see Harrison's mother asking her about George, when they find out that Harrison's mother is a lesbian. After finding out that Sugar D's connection to Gwyneth has refused their request, Nicole and Mary Cherry decide to take matters into their own hands. Sam has an awkward moment with Josh when he shows up at their house to leave Brooke some pregnancy tests angering Brooke who throws him out and threatens Sam if she breathes a word to anyone she will live to regret it. Harrison has an argument with his mother after finding out that his friends have discovered that they now know she is a lesbian, if its not bad enough that he hangs with three girls and not dating any of them, he doesn't want the entire school to think he's queer too. Mary, Nicole and Sugar kidnap Gwyneth Paltrow's personal shopper tying him up in the bowls of the school forcing him to call Gwyneth. After taking several tests Brooke believes she is pregnant, which Sam suggest she goes to the clinic to get a real test. Meanwhile at the school and with their captive prisoner Nicole and Mary decide to try on Gwyneth's clothes having a mini fashion show not quite fitting into all the outfits and shoes. Lily and Carmen try to get Harrison to sign his mother up for Principal for the Day, unintentionally angering him. Josh finds Sam trying to find out if she knows anything more about Brooke's suspected pregnancy. Jane comes home looking for Sam and finding some information on pregnancy that she left for Brooke telling her mother that its research for a school project. Sugar lets Felix have something to eat while Mary and Nicole are out. When they return they threaten Felix, making him fear they are going to kill him. Brooke has a nightmare about her pregnancy with a musical number about being a prom mom on the floor. She decides to go to the clinic which Sam comes along to give her support, calling Josh to get him to come down to the clinic. Lily and Carmen try to apologize to Harrison which he just brushes them off. Mary and Nicole get more impatient waiting for Gwyneth to call beginning to turn on each other. Sugar talks the crazed girls into letting Felix go after the two guys boost their ego's. Josh shows up to the clinic to be there for Brooke since she didn't get into the situation on her own. During school Brooke calls to find out that her test results have come back negative which makes her ecstatic. She shows Nicole a spread in InStyle magazine on Gwyneth, where Nicole discovers that the man they thought was her personal shopper wasn't after all. Before leaving the Novac Brooke thanks Sam for all her help. Nicole, Mary and Sugar find out that Felix was really an escaped mental patient that likes to pretend he is Gwyneth's personal shopper. After having a talk with his mother Harrison decides to sign the Prinicpal for the Day ballot, submitting it.

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