nnocent young Benjamin Denton arrives in the isolated village of Royston Vasey where pre-operation transsexual cabbie Barbara takes him to the house of his weird aunt and uncle Val and Harvey and their naughty little twin daughters. Benjamin has come to meet his friend Martin but has reckoned without Edward and Tubbs,a paranoid couple who run the local shop for locals only and,fearing that a proposed new road will bring strangers to the village,kill incomer Martin and the policeman investigating his disappearance. Elsewhere Mr. Chinnery,an incompetent vet,puts the wrong dog to sleep and Pauline,the training officer at the Job Centre,makes it clear that dim,hopeless Micky is her favourite client,to the annoyance of efficient Ross. In the pub three local businessmen Brian,Geoff and Mike,are involved in a joke-telling session that turns ugly.

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