rofessor Breastpinch'd arrives and conducts a street poll, asking people if they want their breasts pinched but, unsurprisingly, gets no takers. Knight Rider obsessive Neds shows his creation Maxie Power, Royston Vasey's answer to Kitt, to his friend Tris. It can fire paper clips and speak. The boys take Maxie Power onto the streets to fight crime but sadly all three become croppers after a run-in with the bad guys. Stella and Charlie separate and he gets masseur work at Judee's beauty salon Spit and Polish. He becomes a hit after giving hand-jobs to blindfolded male clients unaware of his sex, though when he declares his love for one of them, Tony, he gets the sack. Whilst Stella wins big on the fruit-machine and jets off to the sun, a distraught Charlie wanders into the road - and is almost hit by the Legz Akimbo van but saved by a camp stranger.

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