hen Susan calls Steve, he instantly looses all his command of conversation, yet they agree to meet and she offers to cook, according to Sally an offer of free sex plus catering. Steve's report to the mates is treated to Jeff's dubious 'foreplay tips', such as avoiding at all cost to be even a moment, while undressing, naked except for socks, and one the mentioned girls overhear entering the bar: using the girlfriend's first name to call the celebrity one usually thinks of during sex. Jane is absurdly confident her own bisexuality makes her eligible for pure gay hunk Howard and switches all labels and concepts potentially implying any homophobia. Sally haughtily turns down going out with Patrick by assuring him she won't have sex with him ever, till Susan explains his nickname "donkey" refers not to his mental abilities but to his intimate endowment, which cancels all Sally's prejudices, even if he is politically about her complete opposite. Steve and Susan's evening goes trough, burdened by misunderstandings and...

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