eff brags about his three days-'old' hot relationship with his and Susan's boss Julia. The mates burst his bubble about female attire, supposedly growing from sexy scanty to giant put-off, like their attitude. Steve and Susan seem a working couple, as he leaves every decision to her, but each secretly misses his/her freedom. In a bar, Steve can't resist saying 'no' when Yvonne asks if he has a girl-friend and exchanging phone numbers. He freaks with the mates eight days later when he gets a call presumably from her, the only consolation being Susan isn't home, and pretends with an Aussie accent to by Dick Darlington, who works in an equally fictitious but nearby bar, at Jeff's impulsive prompting called Susan's and for Australians -her well-known sexual obsession- who all 'know' Susan Walker, relieved to hear it's some French bitch, Susan's client Giselle. In fact it's Susan pretending to be Giselle while she resists flirting in another bar with real Australian Richard. In fact the Giselle Susan thinks to imitate is no other then Julia, who accidentally reached her when calling Jeff, 'threatening' to spank him as a naughty game. The unreal phone conversation resumes when Susan redials, doubting if Susan's exists, causing the circle to close suddenly, resulting in a generalized fictitious identity-crisis, joined by real people dropping by...

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