he boys believed Jeff was safe by telling Wilma he's faithful to his girlfriend, but as the girls predict she forces him either to say she's not attractive or to accept meaningless sex. Jane pops in during an endless demonstration that a driver's license is no guarantee against turning parallel parking into a lethal hazard for cars (especially Patrick's) and pedestrians. She mindlessly 'cues' Jeff to the question 'what kind of girlfriend is both current and ex?' (He escapes answering why he didn't tell her about their date by answering 'a dead one'). Meanwhile Steve brought Susan's wrath on himself by failing to cue the required response, and Sally hands her a frightening tool: she has worked for the agency 'Man test', which still sends out sirens to prove they can be seduced into infidelity. Wilma promises to respect Jeff's fidelity but insists to give him a lift and use his bathroom, but a sassy surprise expects both of them and the friends who turn up as relieve cavalry.

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