rian and Justin enjoy exhaustingly christening every room in their vast mansion with hot flowing semen, the surprising wedding invitations hit everybody like lightning, Ben finally gets Michael to go congratulate Brian- and be instantly made best man; Hunter is busboy at Debbie's, the worst chores so he might reconsider school- it works, fast. Ted shows Em his hot mate Tad, who might be Mr. Right. Em supports Drew when his Iron men team admits they need him back to win the championship, but cuts Drew off after seeing him kiss one man in a nightclub, Deb suggests patience with the gay-emotional adolescent, Em agrees to let him loose to get experiences 'till majority. The lesbos announce they move to Toronto, afraid of US gaybashers, but only if the fathers accept them taking the kids- Brian does, Michael not but ends up giving in to child-safety, Justin convinces Brian he's a loving father too, so his answer is: not with Gus. Justin needs no time to refuse Linz's suggestion to move to art capital New York, Linz shows Brian the praising critics.

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