rian holds -now his- nightclub Babylon's reopening, but even manager Ted's deep-felt aggravation to be addressed loudly as Sir is objectively topped by Brian's to find a mere twelve men turned up, the outdated competing club Popperz got all the boys' business, even Emmett defects. Mikey and Ben's claim to joint custody of his daughter Jenny isn't only fought by the separated lesbian 'co-mothers', even knowing Mel is belligerent a lawyer, but also taken as an insult to single mothers by ma Debby and even disapproved by Gus's father Brian. Wedding coordinator Emmett saves a mismatched couple from every panic attack of the bossy bride; afterward the groom Magruder wants him- for a gay segment in his TV news show. Justin's Hollywood patron Brett Keller assures him Rage will still happen once he finds another studio, but he doesn't hold his breath. Back home, finding Brian back in the saddle, riding some spankable stud, is a sight for sore eyes and the irresistible turn-on they both needed now. ...

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