unter's bleeding in the pool has made him an outcast at school, once more demoralized and deadly aggressive, but he insists to join a parents meeting called by principal Everett, where Dr. Davidson should reassure everyone, a complete failure- and enough to motivate pig-headed Hunter to take a stand, in that school, but not for long, even worse... Brian didn't mind dropping trou for the doctor, was startled the diagnosis was syphilis -188O? No, back these days-, relieved penicillin should cure it in days, but must tell all his sexual partners they must get tested. Brian starts with Justin, who has taken up home cooking, the spreads the word at Babylon, where it runs faster then fire. Em warns Deb that Loretta's gratitude with three kinds of sweets is more, a lesbian overture to be nipped in the bud if unwelcome, but Deb comes along to a dikes bar before pointing out she's straight, and with Carl. Ted is so depressed about his yet unhealed new face that even Em may not see it and has a hard time convincing Ted it will heal, he's not turned into a a freak, so they 'test' it in a -actuallly that very- lesbian gay bar- which makes it even worse, but all he really needed are Em's make-up art and white lies from the 'old boys'. Mel and Linz are fighting full-time, no more making-up; a baby ER-rush seems to make it worse between both couples, but actually forces them to realize the child must come first. Brian sneers to Ben he and Mikey have turned into boring parenting fake-heteros.

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