en is torn apart by 'guilt' because he and Mikey failed to prevent Hunter from running away. Brian is tortured by everyone's comments while Ted 'delays' his revenge. An extremely homophobic bill, proposition 14, risks to overturn most gay rights and even Mikey feels this calls for determined action, but Ben cares only about missing Hunter. Justin decides it's no use trying to be partners with Brian, as he won't commit to him. Lindsay's mother feels she got a bad deal moving out from Mel's, and insists she move back in. She meets a the father of a precocious 5 year-old boy, but learns her parents still pretend that she's straight. When Ted sees Troy is still behaving badly, he tells the truth and dumps the him but it feels bitter, not triumphant. Jealous Brian orders that his rival, Brandon, is barred from Babylon

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