rian and his rising younger challenger Brandon have agreed a list of ten hottest guys and a bet: if Brandon has sex with them all first, his ban from Babylon is lifted, if Brian 'gets in' first, he may penetrate Brandon. While Mikey is disgusted at Brian's rudeness and welcomes Justin in their new home, Ben remains depressed by the departure of Hunter, and finally gets more news, but not from him. During the gay rights defense campaign against Proposition 14, Mel and Linz try to get along in one home again, and Justin faces harsh opposition: his own father, businessman Craig, personally orders the 'strayed' boy arrested. Deb was furious at Carl for failing to take Emmet's 'phone stalker' serious, but the mystery caller makes a live appearance: it's Drew, he got black-mailed by a paparazzo who found out he's a closet queer, told his wife Sierra, who left Drew, who is now followed by the press; Em makes him reconsider if suing is the answer: only coming out can truly free him. It takes superior effort and brains, even for super-stud Brian, but the reigning queer king finally triumphs so Brandon comes to his loft to strip submissively and offer his spread butt-cheeks as the conquered prize, albeit still cheeky enough to say he'll seize the throne eventually.

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