oyd finds that Veronica's co-worker who aided her flight is Jovan Petropecic, a friend of the family in the war - who got her to England - but is now using a dead Liverpudlian's passport. Boyd also pulls in a Bosnian cafe owner, Radovan Skedinic, whose phone number Veronica had and who was the broker in the Serbs' drug deals. Dr. Vaspovic agrees that he lost touch with his wife and son in the war, assuming they were murdered, which Eve confirms. Veronica - real name Anna - tells her Serb accomplices she has joined their gang because she believes it will lead her to the double agent who killed her mother and brother, whom she is convinced is Radovan. Boyd saves her from their kidnap attempt and she and her father watch as two unlikely conspirators are exposed. Boyd then sees his son's corpse and shows unusual emotion.

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