oyd and the team investigate when the remains of a man are found in an underground tunnel complex that had been built by protesters in the mid-1990s. Dental records identify the man as Christopher Deardon who was reported missing in May 1996 at the age of 41. He died from having received several severe blows to the head. Deardon was supposed to have left on a business trip to Nigeria but his passport was subsequently found at his home. His wife Lucy was having an affair with Frank Monk, who is still with Lucy today. The dead man's son Jimmy, now 19, has a very difficult time accepting that his father is dead however. He tells Boyd that his father was a member of a secret group called the Awkward Squad which turns out to be something else altogether. Meanwhile, the three men who were with Chris Deardon when he died are now receiving letters reminding them of what happened.

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