oyd's team investigate after P.C. Katrina Howard discovers a middle-aged woman nude and wandering in woods after an apparent car crash and takes her to hospital. The woman is apparently amnesiac though she has flashes back to her teenage when she escaped from a brutal Magdalene Convent in Ireland helped by Mick O'Hare and Father Quinn. She is Elizabeth Andrews, a successful business woman but her DNA is oddly linked to a double murder in a Soho club forty years earlier, when one of the victims was a Turkish sex trafficker and the other man a John Doe. Elizabeth's abductors are Turks and a visit to her house reveals a man believed to be her husband Tony Muller tortured and murdered. Elizabeth has two visitors, one is Samuel Knight, a shifty young business associate, the other is a gunman,seemingly out to finish the job, and Stella, who is guarding Elizabeth, takes a bullet.

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