ve matches prints on the gun to the Soho club and finds those of Father Quinn, visiting Elizabeth.He tells Boyd that when Elizabeth fled the convent she worked in a Soho club and sought his help after the deaths of the owner Topal and John Doe Mick. The man who shot Stella and was himself killed is a Turkish mafiosi but it seems the woman the priest helped at the club was really Elizabeth's twin, now captured by the Turks. Knight confesses he got a wealthy Turk to invest with him and when he lost the money he blamed Elizabeth and sent the Turks after her. The Turks also have got the real Tony who is being held with the twin 'Michelle'. Boyd saves her and learns that two twin sisters were born in 1952 in the convent but Elizabeth was adopted and 'Michelle' is the escapee who killed Topal in 1967, in self defence, with Mick also dying trying to save her. Accordingly Boyd cannot arrest her or Quinn. He gets to save Tony in a final shoot-out with the Turks but Stella is less fortunate.

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