ve is intrigued that her boyfriend, Ukrainian aid worker Stefan, has a bag full of different passports and chest bruises suggesting bullet wounds. She secretly takes his DNA and links it to the death of another aid worker, Briony Havers. Boyd, opposed by all the team but especially Eve, re-opens the Havers case. Stefan admits he knew Briony but denies murder. Eve believes him, particularly when he turns out to have saved the life of a girl called Olena when a ferry capsized. Olena was an illegal immigrant, though, and Grace thinks Briony and Stefan were people traffickers and Briony was killed to silence her. At the club frequented by Ukrainians, where Eve met Stefan, some form of exchange is practised, involving Briony's ex-lover, Devlin. Eve resigns when Boyd breaks her cover by bringing Stefan to her lab. She is told that Olena worked in a hospital but when she gets there she finds it is derelict and she is overpowered.

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