ve comes round and finds she is tied to a chair whilst Spence, following another lead, comes to a deserted farm-house where he finds and rescues Georg, a Ukrainian boy whose eyes have been removed in the expectation of payment. Olena's corpse is discovered, along with jars of body parts. It is an illegal live organ trade. Realising that Eve has gone to the only derelict hospital in the area, Boyd tracks her down. Devlin, the trafficking boss, is about to operate on her but Stefan saves her and brings her to Boyd, whilst Devlin and his henchmen escape. Stefan admits to Boyd that Devlin had a hold on him and Briony, and forced Briony to operate on Olena, later having Briony killed to frame Stefan. After Eve and Stefan leave for a weekend in a lakeside cabin, Boyd realises that Stefan has not been entirely honest. The false passports Eve found are to allow him to pose as a doctor for financial gain, and he purposely picked up Eve, knowing that she would defend him against the others. Boyd and the team arrive at the lake just as Devlin turns up and there is a shoot-out.

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