hirteen years after she was abducted, as a seven year old, from a care home, Clare Somers is murdered, her eyes gouged out. The abductor also gouged out the eyes on the corpse of Robert Fenchurch, the care home supervisor who tried to stop Clare's kidnapping. Prior to her death Clare had also abducted a young girl, Abigail Harding, and locked her in a cupboard, but, when quizzed by Boyd, Abigail can only tell him that she saw the Bagman, a child's fictional bogey figure known to her family. Clare was an escort and the team find that prostitution and drug peddling were rife in the care home in the 1980s. Clare also seemed to know Abigail's G.P. sister Teresa, who subsequently falls to her death from a balcony after seeing the Bagman. Peter Broading, the home's current manager, who was a resident aged twelve when Clare disappeared tells Boyd that his arms were cut by David Drew, another boy from the home, to punish him for colluding with Fenchurch in the prostitution ring. However Drew also went missing at the same time as Clare. Is he the Bagman?

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