n a sewer below Westminster workmen discover the skeleton of murdered Falklands hero turned peace campaigner Piers Kennedy,missing since 1983 after making anti-nuclear speeches. He was known to Grace,herself on a Government watch list for her anti-war views and she recalls his associates; Lucy Christie,the girlfriend he dumped for a fling with Bonnie Yorke,still the partner of fellow campaigner Ralph Palmer and the charming but volatile marine Murray. Other suspects number Lucy's father,now Lord Christie,whose dog's hairs were found on the corpse and former friend,the Russian Oleg,now employed by Lord Christie,who turned against Piers after the KGB killed his parents.Grace locates Murray,now a paranoid victim of post-traumatic stress,who gives her a tape allegedly showing that MoD police killed Piers. At the same time Eve,revisiting the sewer,is arrested by the same police and Defence minister Jane Hussey warns Boyd to go no further.

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