disgruntled Boyd is told he is to be promoted to a desk job and if he objects his unorthodox police methods will be exposed. Before he goes he vows to take on the case of several homeless teen-age boys who disappeared,at three monthly intervals,between 1979 and 1982. Dennis Grant,a kindly vicar who provided a shelter for the boys,puts him in touch with Tony Nicholson,the only policeman to show any concern,now a high ranking officer,whose reports at the time mysteriously vanished. Investigations lead to a disused pub where the abducted boys were taken and murdered by a sadist imitating American serial killer Henry Holmes. The gun that killed them was the same one that shot dead disgraced policeman Stanley Heath,another unsolved murder. A contrite Sarah admits to Boyd that she complained about him before going to see Nicholson - about whom she has her suspicions. After she has spied on him talking to an elderly man he captures her at gun-point.

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