uccesfull Colombian importer Aurelio Moreno is found by his wife Julisa Moreno with a 'necklace bomb' and a notice pinned on his chest. The bomb squad enters, and loses Al Humphreys, Lieutenant Horatio Caine's friend and former trainer, when it explodes. Autopsy shows Aurelio was under chloroform before his neck-lacing. The team not only investigates the ingenious bomb, with a photocell designed to trigger it when the bomb squad man follows standard disarming procedure, but also the paper- the water mark proves it was imported by Moreno, and used for similar crimes in Bogota, where the bigamist, who is also under smuggle investigation, had a second wife Lauriana, who is currently in Miami and has incriminating chemical traces on her hands, but those can also come from make-up. Then a second bomb is found, different but they manage to disarm it; Horatio spots the boy Conner watching on his bike with a brown paper package and guesses right the kid got that from a stranger who promised he could keep the fashionable BMX if he waited there for him with it- now they have an eye-witness's description. This bomb proves false, Horatio concludes the killer uses bomb squad procedure to manipulate and eliminate them; in fact he excessively shows off how clever he is, which sets him exploring a devious motive...

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