ragging up a sports car driven from a bridge by two drunk floozies who are alright, the team find the two days old corps of attorney Rachel Turner, which Horatio was probably the last to see, having me in court and accepted a home dinner invitation from her. He insists to turn in his badge and weapon to MPD Detective Frank Tripp during the investigation. Traces at the dinner table, including Horatio's blood, indicate an expert staging after an earlier killing and cleaning. The car drove trough a spike strip, but it's gone, no accident, and the size for a CSI Hummer, traceable from tarmac to airport rental. Horatio's suspicion is confirmed when carpet fiber lures him to a nearby construction site, where never convicted New York serial killer Walter Resden, who locked up children while he tortured their parents to death, planted Horatio's fingerprint on the knife used to kill Rachel, enough for IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler. A forensic duel ensues, the key being a recent Orlando crime by Resden, but vindictive Chief Judge Joseph Ratner...

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