he ATM refuses to give cash to Eric Delko, although he just deposited his pay. Eric goes inside where an armed robbery is in progress, committed by three armed men who first shoot the cameras. Eric ducks and calls for the help of a hit woman. The robbers leave the bank with the manager in car with a Miami University sticker: it's been stolen from the campus. There Kim Mills is found covered with paint from the loot (just $18,000 cash; a water mark on the bag indicates she lies about finding it in the washroom. The bag came from the hockey ice-maker, where bank manager Greg Welch is found tied up. He reveals that they made him disclose the location of the weekly Federal reserve cash delivery: due to take place (by helicopter) 20 minutes after he's found. The MPD is in time to catch them on the spot. However one perp says 'We're still on play', which Ryan guesses it refers to a video game. This fits with the rape. A counter found in the bank and other details of Urban Hell raisers made by Chris Allen's firm Trance International, which sold 800,000 copies. Wolfe plays the tape to guess their next moves, and the first difference can be explained by the real FBI helicopter. As on the next game level, players attack the evidence room at CSI, where FBI Agent Peter Elliott and two others get shot with stolen guns. Surviving student Michael 'Glasses' Page's spectacles include a virtual reality camera. In order to be treated quickly at the hospital he discloses that the players only know each other via Internet but the scores are kept in the campus research library by student Evan 'Wizard' Walsh. Evan is found dead at his screen after playing for 70 hours non-stop (cardiac arrest). His records include adult photographer Carl Hiatt, a middleman whose PC provides the link to Chris Allen for the stolen guns. The abandoned, individually custom-cast Demon hockey mask is reconstructed as fitting student John Berg, whose denial is confirmed by saliva DNA traces.

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