lissa Valone, an advertising agency's rich workaholic president, was murdered with a golf club, not hers given the size, in her home, where devout Latino Catholic Eric Delko tells Ryan to do the scene because he respects the Christian elements in the Santeria form of voodoo she practices, there's even a real goat's head. DNA from skin under her fingernails points to Ed Smith, whose trial for a gold robbery starts the next day. Using blowfish poison tetrodotoxine, used as zombie power in Santeria, Ed faked his death and was carried into the morgue, where Ryan now fears to go mad as he saw him rise from the slab and the poison on the stretcher numbs his hands. Alissa's boyfriend Jeremy Fordham lies about buying the poison with her -he was seen with her- or placing the small coffin near her, but claims to believe it must be burned or it causes another death. Alissa's ex, Dr. Trevor Valone, admits he signed Smith's fake death certificate to help stage his friend's death but denies a deal to have Alissa killed. Her PC was treated to combust when touched, but Dan Cooper reconstructs it well enough to find fake threatening e-mails from Alissa's friend and discontent employee Danielle Madison, who also was driving her car and felt passed over for promotion but claims she found Alisa already dead. When Eric realizes Ed's interest in the communal graveyard plot with Alissa was to hide the stolen gold, he and Ryan find the crook next to it, murdered with a pickax which carries identifiable finger prints, and there was a camera next to it, indicating an accomplice...

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