uring a pool party at Dennis Lambert's villa, his daughter Megan (5) finds her nanny Vanessa Waters killed, two stab wounds, no knife in the house fits. Quiet elder brother Jonah felt pushed away by popular 'Nessa', even part-time working young mother Kate was becoming jealous. Vanessa has a glass from the party with Model Nanies' employee Ron Coswell's DNA, he made 10% placing girls like her, a prize classy one. Small ceramic traces suggest such knife may be used, possibly by caterer Matthew Finn, Vanessa's ex, but no proof is found in his van. Then the wife discovers $250,000 gone from the safe; nannies always got the code, including the surviving Mia Fernandez, who claims they ran the while household. Horatio finds a hidden camera in the air-co, wired to ma's PC, to spy on hubby, who fired and got a restraining order against former male nanny Craig Abbott, fearing Jonah loved him 'the wrong way' as Vanessa claimed; Craig says he was just a beloved substitute father and big brother; ma has just given Vanessa a day's notice. Coswell confesses he robbed the safe, claiming Vanessa tipped him off. Vanessa was poisoned with her own eye-drops to get sick, Mia did the cooking, claiming she wanted to take the kids on the family trip 'for the kids' sake', she encouraged their interests, e.g. bought Jonah scuba diving gear- the ceramic knife has a broken tip, the only print on it is- Craig's, he admits he saw Jonah in secret but maintains he just found Vanessa and ran over the roof, which Eric now searches, finding...

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